Dishonored: The Veiled Terror is a third novel of a trilogy novel by Adam Christopher and is set after Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. The novel was released on September 25, 2018.

The story features Billie Lurk facing the consequences of the removal of the Outsider from the Void, as Hollows open everywhere throughout the Empire of the Isles.[1]


Billie Lurk has achieved the impossible: the Outsider has fallen. But now the Void is unbalanced, and soon the fate of the world is at stake.

From Tyvia to Serkonos, mysterious rifts in the fabric of reality have appeared—portals into the Void, with the potential to tear the world apart. Billie's search for the source of their instability sends her far from Dunwall, to a city cut in half by a rift, and to a kingdom recovering from civil war, where an uneasy truce reigns. A former assassin, smuggler, and bounty hunter, Billie's a born survivor, and she's the only one who can set things right—but to do so she must confront her own past, with world-altering results.


  • The release of this book as well as the previous one in the series was delayed months before the release of Death of the Outsider. It was initially set to be released on February 2017,[2] was delayed to September 2017, October 2017 then February 27, 2018. The original synopsis read: "The official sequel to the new video game Dishonored 2, picking up the adventure where the game left off and weaving into the additional digital content the game studio will continue to release for a year after the game's release."[3]
  • The book's cover reuses the main illustration for Death of the Outsider.


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