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Diary of Professor Bracamontes is a book found in Dishonored 2.


I was very much surprised Professor Lignon presented me with a gift. Our bitter rivalry has been most vexing lately. Perhaps it has vexed him well, hence this little peace offering. Yet as gifts go, it seems wanting - a bit of bone with scratches on it. Though I suppose, given his area of expertise, he believes it suitable. So for now I'll withdraw my complaints to the head office.

I've become most fascinated by the bone trinket Lignon gave me. I see now those scratches are really letters of some kind. Quite exquisite actually! I have detected the slightest bit of warmth emanating from the thing, and am most intrigued. But the evening grows cold, so I'll continue my observations tomorrow.

I've cancelled classes for the day, as I've taken on the most aggressive chill! How I shiver! My one comfort is Lignon's little gift. When I hold it in my hand I feel such warmth from it!
Tomorrow I'll go to Addermire Institute, maybe spend a week there. If my health permits it, I intend to write to Lignon to express my gratitude.

Doctors are stumped of course. Fools. No I will not drink their foul tasting medicine! My little charm will protect me from this confound chill. Even now it seeks to warm me. Why it's almost too hot to hold! Lignon has been named Headmaster. I must write and congratulate him, and will do so as soon as my fingers feel thawed!


The book can be found in the same room where the Outsider Shrine is situated, during the mission The Good Doctor.