"You should have forgotten my name the day you heard it."
—Delilah to Daud

Delilah Copperspoon is a major character in the Dishonored DLCs, The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches. The same Delilah whom the Outsider tasks Daud with investigating, she is revealed to be the leader of a powerful witches' coven called the Brigmore Witches.


In her youth, Delilah was a baker's apprentice working in Dunwall Tower, and she claims to have been a friend to Jessamine Kaldwin when they were young. Eventually, she abandoned her career in baking to become an apprentice painter and sculpter under Anton Sokolov.

At an indeterminate time, she became involved with black magic and began a relationship with lawyer Arnold Timsh. The ship which prompts Daud to begin his investigations at the Rothwild Slaughterhouse was once owned by Timsh, and named in honor of Delilah. She was eventually able to seduce him into signing his fortune over to her and subsequently disappeared--Timsh then sold the ship bearing her name, but kept her as the beneficiary of his mother's will.

According to Arnold Timsh's niece, Thalia Timsh, her uncle both loved and feared Delilah.

The Knife of Dunwall


Delilah appears in the Flooded District.

Delilah is the subject of Daud's investigation in The Knife of Dunwall, which leads him to uncover her influence on Timsh and associated happenings. Daud is briefly able to speak with Delilah through a statue in the Timsh Estate--during the conversation, Delilah expresses animosity toward Daud and claims she should kill him, but chooses not to "for the sake of [her] sisters." Instead, she threatens him with unknown peril should he continue his investigations, and warns "there are great changes coming, and I'll expect you not to interfere."

While much of her motivation remains secret, it is revealed that she cooperated with Billie Lurk in a mutually beneficial plot to assassinate Daud, and directed the Overseers to the Assassins' hideout in the Flooded District. When the plot fails, she appears to Daud in person for the first time. In low chaos, after Lurk has given herself up to Daud's mercy, Delilah threatens both of them with brutal death should she ever see them again. In high chaos, Delilah taunts Daud, informing him that her unknown plans are falling into place.

The Brigmore Witches

Delilah acts as the main antagonist of Dishonored's final DLC, The Brigmore Witches. Directing her coven to observe the gang warfare taking place in Draper’s Ward and assure that Daud's advance to Brigmore Manor is hampered, she cloisters herself in the mansion in order to complete a painting of Emily Kaldwin. Upon Daud's arrival at the manor, he discovers that Delilah has traveled with the painting to the Void, where it will act as a critical part of a powerful ritual: Delilah intends to extract Emily's mind and possess her body, ruling the Empire in the girl's place.

Daud interrupts the ritual and battles Delilah, with two possible options for elimination: Daud can kill Delilah outright, or force the ritual to go awry by replacing the painting of Emily with a painting of the Void.


  • Delilah's enclave in the Void contains various statues of her, which will turn into copies of Delilah to attack Daud.
  • Delilah is not immune to Bend Time Tier 2, this can be exploited in neutralizing her.
  • Delilah behaves similarly to other witches in combat, Blinking around the battlefield while firing projectiles at Daud. She will also summon a tendril that is capable of ensnaring Daud for a brief moment should he get too close to it. Additionally, she will perform a Windblast-like scream if Daud is close to her.
  • When Delilah first attacks Daud, it is with the help of her statues, which turn into copies of her at the beginning of the fight. Simply defeat all the copies and Delilah before she retreats to the painting of Emily.
  • There are two ways to non lethally take down Delilah:
    • Take her body and place it at the altar, then retrieve the painting of the Void and exchange it with the painting of Emily. Return to the altar and read the ritual notes to seal her away permanently.
    • Quickly retrieve the painting of the Void at the top right hand corner of the area. Wait for Delilah to finish painting Emily's portrait and return to the altar. Quickly Blink down to the painting and exchange it with the painting of the Void. Retreat to cover and allow Delilah to complete her ritual to seal her away permanently.



  • Delilah is one of eight people who bear the Mark of the Outsider (including Corvo Attano).
    • When speaking with Daud during the high chaos ending of The Knife of Dunwall, Delilah taunts him, saying, "Our dark-eyed friend has lost interest in helping you."
  • Thalia Timsh claims that, during a seance, she and her uncle witnessed a specter of Delilah in the Brigmore Manor, painting Daud's name on a canvas.
  • During her warning to Daud, Delilah expresses that her sisters "were very impressed with [him] once upon a time." The names and identities of her sisters are unknown.
  • Delilah's plan to possess Emily is hinted in The Knife of Dunwall through A Poem by Delilah, found at the Timsh Estate.
  • It is revealed in The Brigmore Witches by the Outsider that Delilah "imposes her will" on objects, which allows her to control statues and utilize paintings to steal a person's spirit.
    • A witch at the Brigmore Manor asserts that Delilah possessed Timsh in this manner.
  • Unlike other witches, Delilah's skin does not turn green when she is in combat.
  • If Daud kills Delilah with his sword, a special animation plays: Daud stabs Delilah in the ribs and she grabs the blade, driving it in deeper and swiping at his face until he pulls the blade free. Delilah then lunges at Daud, screaming, before he stabs her through the mouth.



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