Delilah Copperspoon painting

Delilah while painting Emily's portrait.

Delilah's Paintings are paintings created by Delilah Copperspoon. They were first introduced in The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches, but used to be solely decoration at the time.

In Dishonored 2 some of Delilah's paintings from the DLC, in addition to a few new ones, have become collectible in a similar fashion like Sokolov's paintings.

Locations in Dishonored 2

Mission Painting Location
The Good Doctor "I Regard Her, Within and Without" In the Recuperation Room of the Addermire Institute
The Clockwork Mansion "I Look Upon the Craftsman" In Jindosh's apartments in the Clockwork Mansion
The Royal Conservatory "My Fires Burn within Breanna's Marrow" In Breanna's office in the Royal Conservatory
"Her Heart, I Bathed in Poison" In the Conservatory's archives
The Grand Palace "Her Face is My Smile" In Delilah's chambers in the Grand Palace
"My Name on Their Lips" In the Duke's office in the Grand Palace
Death to the Empress "Luca, His Eyes On Me" In the Dunwall Tower front yard, near the waterlock