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Deathloop is a first-person action video game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The gameplay in Deathloop is an evolution of many of the gameplay mechanics introduced in Dishonored. It was released on September 14, 2021 for the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows, and on September 20, 2022 for Xbox Series X|S.

Deathloop tells the story of two assassins, Colt Vahn and Julianna Blake, who battle in an eternal cycle on the island of Blackreef.

Though a separate IP, Bethesda confirmed on October 8, 2022, that both Deathloop and Dishonored take place in the same universe, with Deathloop being "one of the [possible] futures of the Dishonored world" according to Dinga Bakaba, Studio and Co-Creative Director of Arkane Lyon. The story of Deathloop occurs many years after Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.[1][2]

Connections to Dishonored[]

  • Deathloop takes place on Blackreef island, off the coast of "Motherland", which has been confirmed as Tyvia.[2]
  • Tyvia is mentioned in one of the props (a magazine).[3]
  • Tarbsley & Sons air cleaners, Rosewine Industries sewing machines, and Lectromelt transformers can be found on Blackreef. Lectromelt's address "131, Lackrow Boulevard, Dunwall" can be seen on the transformers.
  • A pair of Dishonored pistols appear in the game.
  • The Heritage guns, manufactured by Imperial Arsenal, have the Clocktower logo and "DUNW" engraved on them.
  • Two of the abilities in Deathloop, Shift and Nexus, are very similar to Blink and Domino.
  • The song "The Drunken Whaler" can be heard in a recording in the Intelligence Archives Office.
  • An enemy in front of the library in Updaam mentions a scientific measure unit called "Joplins".
  • Rovio and Evans, a business seen in concept art for Dishonored 2, makes an appearance in Deathloop with an alcohol called The Truant, a "blended Northern whiskey".[4] The concept art for the bottle also describes it as a "Serkonos Scotch Whisky".[5]
  • A type of fish can is labelled "Karnaca's finest" as a reference to the setting of Dishonored 2, Karnaca.[6]
  • In a concept art, one of Frank Spicer's albums was a "Live in Dunwall".[7] The city's mention was removed in the texture used in-game.
  • Arkane Comics, a fictitious comics publisher who seemingly make stories based on Deathloop, is based in Alexin in the Motherland.[8]
  • Aleksis Dorsey comments on how whalebone has become expensive by the time of Deathloop. This echoes the increasing scarcity of Whales already mentioned in Dishonored 2.

Possible Deathloop Timeline[]

Main article: Timeline

Unknown Date[]

A small Tyvian fishing village is established on the remote northern island of Blackreef.[9]
The decline of the Empire of the Isles. Tyvia becomes a sovereign state and engages in wars with other states. Meanwhile, Blackreef becomes the subject of folklore legends, as strange happenings multiply on the island – persons lost in time, ghostly voices from the past, magical anomalies, etc.[9]


The Imperial Institute of Cartography enacts the Exploration Edict of 1912, which creates the cartographic standards used to survey the island of Blackreef several decades later.


Unknown Date
In one of the possible futures to Death of the Outsider, Tyvia's Army of the Motherland starts Project Horizon, a military and scientific research initiative, to survey the Anomaly taking place on the Isle of Blackreef, somewhere North from the nation.[10]
Project Horizon charts Blackreef after building several research stations and other dependencies.
Colt Vahn flies an experimental rocket craft into the Anomaly and vanishes from the Empire's "reality". He is trapped in his own personal timeloop for roughly 17 years.[9]
Late 1930s
The Army of the Motherland ceases funding Project Horizon over a lack of convincing practical results and the disappearance of the Anomaly. The military and scientific personnel evacuate Blackreef.


Colt finally emerges from the timeloop and finds the island deserted. He is able to repair a plane and make it back to the mainland, where no one believes his story. He is captured and institutionalized.[9]
Late 1950s
The AEON Program is established by Harriet Morse, Egor Serling and Wenjie Evans, with the aim to investigate the Anomaly on Blackreef. Egor finds Colt in the asylum and secures his release.[9]
AEON sends the first expeditionary team to explore and reclaim Blackreef.[11]


Early 1960s
A major social/economic crisis looms in the former Empire. A total collapse of civilization is believed to be plausible.[9]
Colt leads Egor to Blackreef, where they uncover what’s left of Operation Horizon. Wenjie harnesses the potential of the Anomaly, creating Trinkets, Slabs and the equipment necessary to launch a controlled timeloop. The AEON Program becomes officially focused on controlling the timeloop and preserving humanity’s brightest hope for the uncertain future.[9]
The AEON Program initiates the time loop on the Isle of Blackreef.[9]

Centuries in the future[]

The world has been ravaged, but the Anomaly keeps the same day repeating on Blackreef. The events of Deathloop take place.

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  • There are some intriguing details that seem to contradict the idea of Deathloop being in the same location as Dishonored:
    • A few pieces of equipment, such as those found in Egor Serling's prefabs, use the German language.
    • The moon in Deathloop appears to be identical to the real-life moon in the Solar system. The moon in Dishonored is much larger or closer to the planet.
    • A few pieces of concept art use the months of the Gregorian calendar instead of the Empire's.



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