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Deadly Raid at the Albarca! is a newspaper article found in Death of the Outsider.


A raid on the Albarca Baths turned deadly as Guards fought for their lives against the notorious Eyeless Gang. The Albarca had been under surveillance for weeks, after the Guard received a tip about unsavory activities there. They rushed in to break up the fighting ring, but ended up in a lethal showdown with vicious gang members instead.

"It's a proud day. Thanks to the courage and diligence of my Guards, Karnaca is a safer place. We removed dangerous villains from the streets and ended their illegal operations," said Captain Edouard Lejano, leader of the raid. He reassured reporters that his Guards sustained only minor injuries. No Eyeless members survived.


This article can be found in multiple locations during the mission Follow the Ink:

  • when waking up aboard the Dreadful Wale.
  • on a table in Eolina Rey's apartment.
  • on a bench outside the tattoo room of the Red Camellia.
  • on the counter of Brozenar Taxidermy.
  • on the table behind the stage in Colibron Plaza.
  • below a board just inside the front door to Ivan Jacobi's office.
  • in the guard post near the entrance to Cadmus Abele Plaza.
  • on the counter of the room marked "Private" on the first floor of the Spector Club.
  • in the booths to the left and right of the entrance to the bar of the Spector Club.