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Dead eels gang symbol
"Your friend Edgar Wakefield set me up to be taken by the City Watch, and you followed him [...] But you know what? I forgive you [...] I'm FILLED with love. But the following people each owe me a finger. Logan, Douglas, Bang-Bang, Ferris, Pigface, the Bakers, and Annabelle [...] TWO from you, Annabelle. Have a good night!"
—Lizzy Stride to the Dead Eels

The Dead Eels Gang is a criminal faction in Dunwall located in Drapers Ward, known primarily for piracy along the Wrenhaven River. They appear in the final Dishonored DLC, The Brigmore Witches, to assist Daud in his efforts to find and confront Delilah Copperspoon. The Eels are rivals to the Hatters, another faction situated in Drapers Ward, and they fight using gaff hooks and bottles of river krust acid. 


Based in the Riverfront docks, the Dead Eels have possession of a cargo ship called the Undine, which they use for smuggling and piracy on the Wrenhaven River; the Undine is considered infamous along the Wrenhaven, as the ship is allowed past corrupt harbor masters and River patrol officers. In a recent attack, the ship's engine coil was stolen by the Hatters, leaving the ship incapacitated. This setback creates further tension within the group, leading some to believe that they were better off with Lizzy as their leader.

Sometime prior to the events of The Brigmore Witches, the Eels' leader, Lizzy Stride, was intentionally set-up by her second-in-command, Edgar Wakefield, who organized her subsequent capture and imprisonment by the City Watch. With Lizzy gone and the Eels in a fierce rivalry with the Hatters over Drapers Ward, the group began to unravel as Wakefield, newly-appointed leader, used extreme methods to rid the gang of Lizzy's loyalists and struggled to prove his leadership abilities to the rest of the Eels. The Eels were also worried that Wakefield was weakening their businesses opportunities, as he did not keep his word after making deals. The ship's engine coil was also stolen under his leadership, further adding discontent among the Dead Eels. In a report, a Hatter spy noted that, "things are likely to fly apart before long."

In The Brigmore Witches, Daud must free Lizzy Stride from Coldridge Prison and help her reclaim control over the Dead Eels so that he can use her ship to travel to Brigmore Manor.

The Dead Eels also make a brief appearance in Dishonored: The Wyrmwood Deceit, where a number of them guard an old whaling trawler hulk near the ocean, attacking Corvo Attano when he attempts to board it.

Known Members[]




  • Annabelle - joined Wakefield's usurpation willingly
  • Bang-Bang - joined Wakefield's usurpation willingly
  • Douglas - joined Wakefield's usurpation willingly
  • Ferris - joined Wakefield's usurpation willingly
  • Logan - joined Wakefield's usurpation willingly
  • Maggot Montaine
  • Pigface - joined Wakefield's usurpation willingly
  • The Bakers - joined Wakefield's usurpation willingly



A member of the Dead Eels attacking with the corrosive vapor.

  • The Dead Eels use acid-filled bottles (or aerosol weapons) to maim and disorient their enemies. These bottles release a corrosive green vapor harvested from river krusts.
    • The bottles of river krust acid thrown by the Dead Eels can be grabbed out of mid-air if Daud uses Bend Time to stop time before they hit the ground.
      • The bottles can also be caught using the ability Pull if used at the correct time after the bottle has been thrown.
    • The river krust acid is similar to chokedust in that it temporarily stuns enemies, but it has the added effect of dealing a small amount of damage.
    • Unlike whale oil tanks, which can be set down without exploding, the bottles of river krust acid will shatter and release the acid cloud as soon as they are let go, even if Daud is crouched and looking down.



  • "Let's show this gutter trash how Eels fight!"
  • "You'll sleep in the river mud tonight!"
  • "Get a gaff hook in his belly!"
  • "You're no scrapper!"
  • "Hit him hard! He's cracking!"
  • "Knock this guy out!"
  • "Kick in his teeth!"
  • "Looky, looky!"
  • "Go down, you pig!"
  • "I'm gonna loot your corpse!"
  • "You fight for shit!"
  • "Let's see what's inside you!"
  • "I'll stick you!"
  • "Come just a little closer."
  • "This is gonna hurt!"
  • "Bleed!"
  • "Gonna feed you to the rats!"
  • "I'm gonna dump you in the river, after I cut you open!"
  • "Die, you crusty bastard!"

Protagonist's Death[]

  • "That's another one for me." (female only)
  • "Thought I'd be all soft and weepy, didn't you? Now you're dead." (female only)
  • "Lost a friend to you ... bastard." (after a kill, female only)
  • "That's what happens when you tangle with a Dead Eel." (male only)
  • "No one kills one of us." (after a kill, male only)


  • In The Knife of Dunwall, the Dead Eels are featured in a book titled Lizzy Stride and the Dead Eels, which details the Eels' hijacking of a supply ship bound for Dunwall from Driscol.
    • They are also mentioned in a book titled Boatchecks on the Wrenhaven, in which the sister of Rutherford, a City Watch Officer, expresses her concern regarding her brother's safety patrolling the Wrenhaven River.
      • The wanted poster of Lizzy Stride found in The Brigmore Witches prologue includes the murder of Captain Rutherford Farrel among her crimes.
    • There is also a brief mention of the Dead Eels in the book titled The Hatters, where a Hatter mentions that "the Dead Eels were pinching all the river smuggling deals."
  • The majority of the Dead Eels are decorated with some form of tattoo; these tattoos are maritime-based, displaying images of sea monsters, giant squids, whales, and other nautical paraphernalia.
    • The Eels also have the Dead Eels' symbol, three eels impaled on a sword, tattooed somewhere on their bodies.
  • Known members of the Dead Eels include Maggot Montaine and Annabelle.
  • It is said that Lizzie, who is from Morley, named the gang after the Morleyan eels that inhabit the seas around the island.[1]
  • The Dead Eels seem to be the only enemy faction in the game that don't use bladed melee weapons, instead relying on gaff hooks to fight.