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"Duchess, I do not know of the world beyond these garden walls..."
–Young Lady Amelia

Daughter of Tyvia is a book found in Dishonored and The Brigmore Witches.


[Excerpt from a theatre play]

Young Lady Amelia, in the back garden
Duchess, I do not know of the world beyond these garden walls, but do not mistake my lack of experience for fear. Or for an absence of desire. If I've avoided you it is because of the warning your name carries.

Duchess Kalli, bending a rose to her face, inhaling the scent
And what warning is that, my dear Amelia?

Young Lady Amelia, turning her back to the Duchess
I believe you know my meaning. Your father's tales are still the subject of parlor gossip.

Duchess Kalli, stepping up close
And those stories excite you? Tell me, girl, I am a friend.

Young Lady Amelia, hesitating
Duchess Kalli, I - Yes, I confess they do. In my youth I hid a copy of the tales of Prince Kallisarr. I read them late into the night.

Duchess Kalli, speaking into her ear
As did I.

Young Lady Amelia, leaning back into her embrace
But he was your father?!

Duchess Kalli, stroking her neck
They're just stories, Amelia. Fire for the imagination.

Young Lady Amelia, breathing deeply
Duchess, will you teach me to kiss?

Duchess Kalli, cooing softly
I will, but have you ever kissed another?

Abirri, a rose gardener, emerging from the hedges, stammering
My ladies! I swear to you, I did not intend to spy. Forgive me, but I was pruning the hedge and could not find a way to interrupt.

Duchess Kalli, extending a hand
We forgive you. But as punishment, I command you to stay, and to come closer.

Young Lady Amelia, shocked, brows furrowed in irritation
But he is a servant, Duchess!

Duchess Kalli, pulling at each of them, drawing them closer to her
And serve us, he will, young Amelia.