Originally hailing from the island of Serkonos,


Daud is the leader of a group of assassins – known as the "Whalers" – that operate in Dunwall. Accompanying himself, his assassins are responsible for the death of the Jessamine Kaldwin, the Empress of Gristol, and the kidnapping of her daughter Emily.

After Corvo Attano encounters Daud in the Flooded District, it is revealed that he received his supernatural abilities from the Outsider, and has somehow learned to grant a smaller degree of his powers to those who follow him. These powers include Blink, Bend Time, resistance to poisons, and a skill that pulls objects and enemies towards the user.

When Corvo pursues him in his base, it is revealed that Daud feels guilt for killing the Empress, and wishes for redemption by death. Following this, Corvo is then given the option to kill him or let him run from the Empire.

Hints and tips

  • If Daud is pursued with a high chaos approach, he will be aware of Corvo and taunt him from a distance. Corvo also gains the option to steal Daud's key and pouch, proving his superiority as an assassin and neutralizing Daud with fear. If Corvo decides to have a direct confrontation with Daud, he will attack Corvo and use supernatural abilities such as Bend Time, while being aided by other assassins.
  • If Daud is pursued with a low chaos approach, he will be guarded by fewer men and will be easier to approach. If Corvo begins a direct confrontation, three assassins will start to attack Corvo, though Daud will bend time and attack Corvo in a one-on-one duel, with significantly less health.
  • If Corvo attempts to possess Daud, he will say "Nice try, Corvo. But inside MY mind is the last place you want to be." and kick him out of his body. Not only this, but he will be fully aware of Corvo as if he had alerted him, even though Daud will still say "Where are you?" or the like.
    • Not only does Possession not work on him, but neither does Bend Time. If Corvo attempts to stop time and freeze Daud, he will still move at near regular speed. Despite this, any others in the vicinity (i.e. assassins) will be frozen normally.


  • Daud is voiced by Michael Madsen.
  • Despite feeling guilty for killing Jessamine, and wishing to be killed, Daud will still fight back if Corvo attacks him.
    • During this fight with Corvo, Daud will say "Let's see which one of us the Outsider saves."
  • When talking to a captured Corvo, Daud reveals that he has also been to the Outsider's shrines.
  • As with all other assassination targets, if Corvo decides to murder Daud with his sword, a special animation plays. It is the same animation as with Morgan Pendleton


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