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Billie Lurk.

Daud's Journal: Billie Lurk is a book found in The Knife of Dunwall.


[Excerpt from Daud's personal journal]

Billie Lurk watches me closely, studying my decisions, each move I make. That's nothing new. Even as a kid, there was a quiet curiosity there, though curiosity is not quite the right word. But lately it seems more intense. I'll feel the hairs on my neck standing up, only realizing a moment later that Lurk is on a roof or balcony nearby. Some mornings, some of my papers seem to be moved, maybe poured over. When we're done and Billie's comfortable with the mask off, questions come from odd angles, unrelated to our mission or to a specific target. Questions about what I'm thinking. About my attitude towards the target. It's odd. Something to watch. Another puzzle.

Every one of my whalers is good, though my gifts seem stronger in some than in others, the Outsider's Mark is a mystery in this way. Not something I can control. Those who remain with me either gain in the use of my extraordinary abilities or they don't. Those who don't I just push toward the blade, the crossbow, or the study of poisons. Everyone among them serves in some way, and together we've spilled a sea of blood.

Lurk is a quicker study than most, but stays aloof from the others. It's no matter to me, as long as my orders get carried out.


This book can be found in Daud's office near Daud's Journal: Delilah Copperspoon during the mission, The Surge.