Chamber of Commerce Building.

Daud's Hideout, also known as the Chamber of Commerce Building, is the lair of the assassin Daud and the headquarters of the Whalers.

Prior to its flooding, the area around the hideout was known as the Rudshore Financial District, an important financial center for the city of Dunwall. However, when the district flooded due to poor levy maintenance, it was vacated by the vast majority of the residents, abandoned by the city, and unofficially dubbed the "Flooded District". At some point following the flooding, Daud and his assassins took up residence in the Chamber of Commerce Building.

Located on Jessamine Boulevard, the building is a largely deteriorated three-story structure. Its lower floor contains a training area for assassin recruits, and its upper floors are dedicated personal quarters for Daud. Rudshore Gate can be reached by traveling through the building and using a hanging chain to descend to sewer level. A statue of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin is situated at the front of the building.

The hideout appears in DishonoredThe Knife of Dunwall, and The Brigmore Witches; it is visited during the missions The Flooded District, The Surge, and Choosing Your Mark, respectively. The appearance changes between these missions. In The Surge, dated earlier than The Flooded District, there is less water and some buildings are unaffected by the flood.


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