Dabokva depicted on a map.

Dabokva is the capital city of Tyvia, located in the southern part of the island.

One of Dabokva's most notable buildings is the Citadel of Dabokva. The Citadel houses the People's Chamber, from which a council known as the Presidium rules the island. The Presidium has several members, the most powerful of which are the three High Judges.

A popular brand of whale meat imported to Dunwall from Tyvia is a product of Dabokva, canned by Dabokva Packaging Co. Inc.

There is an asylum in Dabokva. Kirin Jindosh invented a small toy for a young Tyvian noble girl which was so terrifying that she spent the rest of her life in that asylum.[1]

After his retirement from Karnaca, Anton Sokolov moved to Tyvia. His return was accompanied by a parade, and a festival in Mastrov Square in Dabokva. Sokolov gave a short speech, then left the festival early.[2]



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