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D.A.A.C. Meeting Minutes is a written note found in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


Minutes: Domestic Account Acquisitions Committee Meeting

In Attendance: Maura Atwater, Vesper Bristow, Pilar Cepeda, Carly Roberts, Luis Iraheta

Agenda Items

1. Legacy accounts
*Atwater - legacy accounts are accruing interest at higher rates than new ones
*Bristow - non-issue because the accounts are for nobles who receive higher rates to incentivize large deposits
*Roberts – inequity never a good thing. Bad for business if word got out
*Bristow – Michaels knows and doesn’t care.

2. Promotions
*Atwater - New accounts not achieving quotas. Suggestions for raising numbers?
*Iraheta – Hold a contest
*Roberts – Seconded. Offer what prizes?
*Cepeda – Tyvian spa vacation
*Bristow – Vacation won’t interest elite clients
*Iraheta – Contest not intended for nobles
*Atwater – Agreed
(Bristow departs meeting)
*Cepeda – Tickets to a Shan Yun performance?
*Roberts – Seconded
*Atwater – Will gather information and discuss with Michaels

[Handwritten note found with the meeting minutes]


Please help me defang Bristow at today’s meeting. You know how that pompous old bloatfish detests every idea I put forth and wants to divert all efforts toward his account holders. All you need to do is suggest a contest when I call for promotion ideas. Perhaps then he won’t squelch the idea right off.




This note can be found on the meeting board on the lobby's third floor of the Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank during the mission The Bank Job.