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Cyria Gardens wide shot

A street in Cyria Gardens.

Cyria Gardens is a well-off district of Karnaca where tall buildings neighbor giant umberwood trees, on the north edge of the city. This is where the Royal Conservatory is located and where the mission of the same name and The Stolen Archive take place.


Cyria Gardens Giant Trees

The giant trees over the canal.

Cyria Gardens sit on a hill at the foot of the mountain bordering Karnaca's north-east side, separated from the other districts by the Seta Canal. Unlike other parts of the city though, giant umberwood trees too big to be fell are omnipresent. Buildings and streets were built around them and the uneven terrain, giving the district the appearance of a park.

The area near the Royal Conservatory is nestled in a hollow of the hill, with Shindaerey Peak towering near. Even though there is no immediate carriage station, two sets of tracks passes through the two main streets bordered by towering high standing apartments. A small canal with a dock provides another access from the Seta Canal for both goods and people, for example socialites attending events at the conservatory. Moreover, the canal is used by smugglers of umberwood and a black market shop in an alley behind a pawn shop. This area was also visited by scholars from the Academy of Natural Philosophy, coming to study at the Royal Conservatory or its annex on the other side of the street, next to a drinking establishment.

Cyria Gardens Conservatory Street 1

The Watchtower defending Calle Museo.

The place became gloomy after Curator Ashworth closed the conservatory to secretly house Delilah's coven of witches. People were abducted and killed by the witches, and Duke Abele reinforced Grand Guard patrols to ward off indiscreet passerby. This did not deter Howlers, coming in to rob unfortunates. The conservatory's street was put into lockdown, defended by Walls of Light at the gates closing the area and in front of the building, and a Watchtower. A windmill has also been set to power the first Wall of Light. Last but not least, Vice Overseer Byrne established an outpost near the canal to spy on Ashworth's activities and her possible connection to the occult.

A few months after Ashworth is either killed or her powers severed, a group of Warfare Overseers and Blind Sisters of the Oracular Order started an investigation on the Royal Conservatory. Led by Sister Rosewyn and Roving Vice Overseer Cardoza, they put Calle Museo on lockdown and started sorting out the conservatory's exhibitions for heretical artifacts. What wasn't carted off for further studies was burnt in a pile down the street. They also killed or captured the remaining witches. Some looters still roam the place, although under threat of capital punishment in the hands of the Abbey's agents.


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