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Campbell sips wine with Curnow.

Curnow's Visit is a book found in Dishonored.



Captain Curnow and his retinue will be here this evening. See that they are allowed through the checkpoint without incident. I would like him in a fair mood when I have drinks with him in the meeting chamber.

Also, be prepared to defend the checkpoint from the inside should things go awry with negotiations. Not that I expect they should, but I want your Overseers prepared in case Curnow and his men live up to the City Watch's reputation.

High Overseer Campbell


It can be found upon first entering Holger Square, after the gate and to the left, inside the checkpoint during the mission High Overseer Campbell.


Collecting the book reveals the Mission Clue 'Campbell will be meeting with Captain Curnow in the High Overseer's Meeting Chamber'.