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Plague corpses

Bodies in an apartment.

Cultist Scribblings is a collection of written notes found in The Knife of Dunwall.


  • This one liked to carve wood. Once he carved a small whale. He spoke to it and kept it in his pocket. Its grains knew all of his secrets. Just as I do.
  • This one was born to a wealthy family. He stayed out in the countryside, because it was the only place he could see the stars at night. He was never educated so he did not know what they were. He used to pray to them.
  • This one was a teacher. She used to teach the children about the black-eyed one she saw in her dreams. No one knew. But then one of the children went into a trance and began to cry her name. Then the Overseers came.
  • This one worked so hard, he broke both of his hands. When he was of no more use, they threw him out. His mother cared for him until she died. After which he turned to begging. Then he died.
  • This one was a father. He sired six, of three mothers. He drowned one of them, but it was not his fault. One day, the child's grandfather discovered what happened, but the old man did not agree with that assessment.


The notes can be found in the apartment №10 near the Timsh Estate during the mission Eminent Domain.