Cultists in the Void.

"We see what's real! We see what's beyond! Together in knowing!"
—Chant of the Envisioned
The Cult of the Outsider, formerly known as the Envisioned, are a fanatic group encountered during Death of the Outsider.


The cult, formerly known as "The Envisioned", found the Eye of the Dead God, a supernatural relic that was part of the entity that roamed the Void before the Outsider. The Eye granted the cultists advanced perception, which also gave the Envisioned the means to find an entrance to the Void.

4,000 years ago, the group snatched a street urchin off the streets of an undisclosed city. Having seen the necessity for doing so in the stars, they dragged the boy into the Void where they cut his throat with a twin-bladed knife. By doing so, the Envisioned cut away the name of the boy and turned him into the supernatural entity known as the Outsider. After having created the Outsider, the Envisioned vowed to keep him in the Void for eternity as to fill the eternal emptiness of the Void with a god who would contact selected few and grant them purpose.

The Envisioned kept guarding the entrance to the Ritual Hold, so that no one could enter it and find the physical body of the Outsider, which was trapped in stone while its psychic form would roam the Void as the Outsider. The prolonged exposure to the Void would eventually change the physical form of the Envisioned themselves as well. At first, parts of their body would turn into silver stone-like Void until eventually, they would merge with the Void and turn into supernatural empowered half-beings. Thus, "Envisioned" was the title the cult gave these beings, who kept protecting the entrance to the Ritual Hold but no longer acknowledged or contacted their mortal companions.

Although the cult remained in the mountains to protect the Ritual Hold, they kept a close eye on the events in the outside world. By using agents like the Eyeless gang, they were provided with food and other important objects. In addition to guarding the Void, the cultists also studied the effects of the Void and other supernatural events, like the long- and short-term effects of sanguine infusions on a person. Over the centuries, the cultists built a vast library into the mountain, in which they stored their research.

When people in the outside world showed promise, they were closely observed by the cult and, if they were deemed ready, were invited to join the cult up in the mountains. Anybody who joined the cult was forced to leave their former life and status behind - all personal items would be destroyed upon arrival. These new recruits were also eventually influenced by the Void, slowly turning into Envisioned as well.

Known Members

  • Antero
  • Malchiodi
  • First Librarian Cervonero
  • Remigio


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