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"Slackjaw, it’s me, Crowley. I’m makin’ this in case I don’t make it back. You was right, there is someone wants you dead. Wants ta take over the distillery – the whole Bottle Street Gang. And you’ll never believe who it is neither..."
—Crowley, recording his final warning to Slackjaw

Crowley is a minor character found in Dishonored during the mission House of Pleasure. He is part of the Bottle Street Gang and is described as Slackjaw's best man by Slackjaw himself.

Crowley grew up in the streets of Dunwall, running with others of his ilk, avoiding the law and stealing whatever he needed to survive. It was here that he met up with a young Slackjaw when the future gang leader was only ten.

As he grew older, Crowley along with a few other urchins followed Slackjaw on his rise to power and eventually became the core of the Bottle Street gang. He was part of the crew that stabilized Slackjaw's conquests of the Distillery District, greasing the palms of the local City Watch and shopkeepers alike.

When the plague hit, Slackjaw had Crowley help with his new venture to make bootleg versions of Sokolov's elixir and Piero's spiritual remedy using the old whiskey factory that doubled as Slackjaw's base of operations. After the Empress was assassinated, Crowley assisted Slackjaw in rationing out the elixir, food, and coin to keep the Bottle Street gang as healthy and well-supplied as possible.

When someone started killing Slackjaw's men, threatening the territory of the Bottle Street gang, and stealing the criminals' goods, it was Crowley that was sent by Slackjaw to look into the matter. Believing the threat to come from Doctor Galvani, Crowley went to the doctor's residence to investigate. During the course of his investigations, Crowley discovered that the good doctor was not in fact the one behind the attacks on the gang. Rather, it was someone that even Crowley couldn't believe.

Being the loyal man he was, Crowley stayed to confirm his suspicions. This decision unfortunately cost Crowley his life but not before he attempted to make a final recording to warn his boss. His body, torn and bloody, is found inside the Galvani manor on the third floor by two City Watch Officers.


  • Slackjaw seems to have genuinely cared for Crowley, calling him his 'best man' and even going so far as to make a bargain with Corvo Attano for his safe return. When he finds out that Crowley is indeed dead, he does seem upset.
  • Though Crowley never mentions his attacker by name, there are several rats found around his body, giving a clue as to the culprit's identity. It has been confirmed that the killer is Granny Rags.[1]