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"Everything’s fine. I run the still like I run a game of Nancy."
—Craxton to another member of the Bottle Street Gang

Craxton is a minor character and thug who appears in Dishonored during the mission High Overseer Campbell.

Craxton is a member of the Dunwall criminal faction known as the Bottle Street Gang. Along with other members of his gang, he is tasked with maintaining the Bottle Street Gang's territory, including their headquarters at the Dunwall Whiskey Distillery.

Craxton seems to be a relatively important member within the Bottle Street Gang and is often given special duties by Slackjaw himself.


During the time when Corvo Attano is seeking to remove Thaddeus Campbell from power, Craxton is put in charge of not only the Distillery, but the still that produces the bootleg version of Sokolov's Elixir.

He can be found in the yard outside of the Distillery playing a game of Nancy against one of his fellow gang-members.

He is also responsible for providing the bootleg elixir to Madame Prudence and her courtesans at the Golden Cat bathhouse and dropped off their delivery right before the time of the mission House of Pleasure.

The Knife of Dunwall[]

Shortly before the events of The Knife of Dunwall, Craxton had managed to gain the enmity of the Hatters Gang, in particular the group that occupies the Black Friar during the mission Eminent Domain. Such is the Hatters' dislike for Craxton that "getting even" with him has been put on a to-do list by the rival criminals.


  • Craxton seems to be rather arrogant and considers himself handsome, especially when compared to his fellow gang-members.
  • While behaving in all respects as a typical Bottle Street Gang member, Craxton appears to be better spoken than his fellows when overheard in conversations.
  • Despite his reliability, he seems to have some odd behaviors, as Slackjaw comments on Craxton not wearing pants while brewing up previous batches of the bootleg elixir.
  • Despite his seeming importance in the Bottle Street Gang, Craxton does not carry one of of the Distillery Master Keys.