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A courtesan.
"Whether driven by fear, greed or cunning, one thing is clear: none can be trusted."
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Courtesans, more commonly referred to as prostitutes, are women who offer their services at the Golden Cat brothel.

According to the Heart, many of the Golden Cat's courtesans come to the brothel from farmlands, enticed by false promises of factory work.[1] Others are given to the Cat by families too poor to feed them, while still others are bastard daughters banished to the brothel.[2]

They are only encountered during the mission House of Pleasure.


  • The Heart says that Slackjaw was raised by courtesans, and is unknowingly the son of a courtesan and a prince.[3]
  • The audiograph Emily Tells a Tale recounts an interaction between a courtesan, Madame Prudence, and Custis Pendleton, as witnessed by Emily Kaldwin.
  • The book Missing Women, Golden Cat centers around a missing woman named Patrice, who was rumored to have performed at the Golden Cat, "singing and playing the harp".
  • The Heart notes that one particular courtesan is a carrier of the rat plague, and knowingly passes it on to her clients.[4]
  • Four courtesans at the Golden Cat are called by name:
    • Loulia, who entertains Morgan Pendleton.
    • Betty, who sees to Bunting's unusual requests; she can be heard expressing her dissatisfaction regarding the work to another courtesan, saying that shocking the art dealer is weird, but she's glad she doesn't have to touch him.
    • Violetta, who offers to dress as Lady Boyle for Custis Pendleton.
    • Beatrice, who provides the services that Custis "always gets".[5]
  • During the mission High Overseer Campbell, Thaddeus Campbell and Geoff Curnow meet to discuss a dispute between the City Watch and a group of Overseers, apparently started by the murder of a courtesan.
  • There is a note in Campbell's chambers that suggests he murdered at least one courtesan who was threatening to blackmail him.
  • Upon entering the Golden Cat, two guards can be overheard discussing how one of them believes that a courtesan actually likes him. The other says that it is just their job to act like that.
  • During the mission The Flooded District, at the end of Ebenazar Causeway some weepers huddle near an area where several bodies can be found. One of these bodies is that of a deceased courtesan.