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Counter-serum Notes is a book found in Dishonored 2.


This time, it has to work. I'm certain the dosage is right. And I will only have one chance.

- Grind all the solid ingredients together, including the aluminum salts.


- Add some egg whites (they should have some in the kitchen, but I'll have to be discreet).


- Two weeks in my safe, away from daylight, should be enough for the serum base to activate.

- Add half a syringe of tainted blood taken from an infested human corpse. If Dr. Hypatia was in her right mind, she would probably object to this step. But since the Grand Guard put Addermire under lockdown, several men have died, killed by bloodflies. They might as well serve the greater good. All the previous blood samples seemed promising. I'll need to avoid being seen again by the janitor.

- Heat the final mixture.

- Inject as soon as possible.


The book can be found inside Vasco's safe at Addermire Institute, during the mission The Good Doctor.


  • The game considers it a written note, despite being a book.