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Cortney is a minor character in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

Death of the Outsider[]

When Billie Lurk heads out to Cyria Gardens to infiltrate the Royal Conservatory, she can meet Cortney under the balcony of her lookout post. Cortney asks her for help and reveals that her partner Lonnie has entered a nearby apartment for a burglary. However, Lonnie has not yet returned and had ordered Cortney to stay put. Cortney asks Billie to enter the apartment and to find Lonnie. She offers a reward.

After Billie returns to her and informs her that Lonnie has died, Cortney solemnly accepts it. Billie also hands her a note that was found on Lonnie's corpse in which he explained that he wanted to marry Cortney. As promised, Cortney offers Billie payment which she can either accept or refuse.


  • According to a note found on her belt, Cortney is pregnant.
  • If Billie retrieved the wedding ring from beside Lonnie's body she may also return it to Cortney.
  • The Overseers in the area are hostile toward Cortney and will kill her, if they notice her and Billie does not intervene.