Corporal Hamrick version (3)

One version of Corporal Hamrick.

Corporal Hamrick is a minor character in The Brigmore Witches. He can be encountered in the mission A Stay of Execution for Lizzy where he is scheduled for execution for having failed to appear for duty on the day of Corvo Attano's escape from prison.

The Brigmore Witches

Corporal Hamrick is found in the Coldridge Prison execution yard alongside Private Morris and Watch Officer Thorpe. He is executed on charges of “gross dereliction of duty and the reasonable suspicion of treasonous activity” unless Daud interferes.


  • A prison guard can be heard stating that the only reason Hamrick failed to appear for duty is that “[he] drinks and he chose a bad day to sleep in”.
  • Corporal Hamrick does not have his own model and will appear in the form of a random Watch Lower Guard.