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Confiscated Merchandise is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


To the operator of this vessel,

This is official notification that your cargo has been seized by the Grand Guard for failure to pay the docking tariffs and other fines you owe.

If you come up with the coin, you'll find my associate and me in an apartment just before the Wall of Light checkpoint on the way to the Grand Palace. (Look for the target mannequins on the balcony.)

Better hurry, though. After a period of a few days, your goods will be sold to cover our expenses.

Corporal Rivera Feros

Grand Serkonan Guard


It can be found during the mission The Grand Palace in one of two locations, depending upon the actions of Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano.

  • The first is in the boat smuggling supplies to the nearby black market shop, if the protagonist collected the key without triggering the actions of the Grand Serkonan Guardsmen in the apartment mentioned in the note.
  • The second is in the apartment, if the protagonist has returned to the boat to find its crew dead.


  • The note is originally located in the boat, and can be seen through its windows. However, it can only be accessed under the above circumstances.