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Coin used in Dishonored

Coin is the basic form of money in the Dishonored franchise. In the Empire of the Isles, characters such as Corvo Attano, Emily Kaldwin, Daud and Billie Lurk can acquire coin by collecting coins, pouches and completing certain quests. They can also collect various valuable items to sell on the black market. These items range in value from copper wire, worth only 10 coin, to Sokolov paintings, worth 300 coin. The Void Walker's Arsenal adds in four pouches worth 500 coin each, while the Imperial Assassin's Pack gives 500 extra coin.

Like runes and bone charms, each mission also tracks how much money the protagonist has managed to acquire out of a set total, with the Sokolov paintings also having their own counter.


Coin represents both the physical and abstract value of any given item or trade throughout the Empire of the Isles. Denominations in circulation typically include copper, silver, and gold. Each isle in the Empire mints their own currency, typically stamping the profile of their rulers on one side, though the coins are standardized enough that they can be traded throughout the Isles without hassle.[1] Coins with the images of Jessamine Kaldwin, Emily Kalwin and even Hiram Burrows can be found in the circulation, and according to The Heart, Luca's image, and coincidentally Armando's, was first placed on the Serkonan currency in 1847.[2] By 1853, coins engraved with Alexy Olaskir's name are still being used in far-flung corners of the Empire.[3]


Dishonored and DLC[]

Corvo and Daud receive varying amounts of coin for objects acquired throughout the world, such as copper wire, cigars, or small statues. There are nearly 75 items available, which can be broken down into six categories.


  • Coin (silver or iron, value of 1)
  • Coin of 5 (copper)
  • Coin of 10 (gold)


  • Varying amounts from 5 to 500


Precious Items

Heirlooms in Dishonored

Tier 1 (50 coin) Tier 2 (100 coin) Tier 3 (150 coin)

Moray Cameo

Carmine Cameo

Boyle Cameo

Moray Cigarette Case Carmine Cigarette Case Boyle Cigarette Case
Moray Decor Plate Carmine Decor Plate Boyle Decor Plate
Boyle Egg
Moray Fish Statuette Carmine Hound Statuette Boyle Whale Statuette
Moray Jewel Box Carmine Jewel Box Boyle Jewel Box
Moray Pocket Watch Carmine Pocket Watch Boyle Pocket Watch
Moray Sextant Carmine Sextant Boyle Sextant
Moray Urn Carmine Urn Boyle Urn
Moray War Medal Carmine War Medal Boyle War Medal
Perth Cameo Inchmouth Cameo Imperial Cameo
Perth Cigarette Case Inchmouth Cigarette Case Imperial Cigarette Case
Perth Decor Plate Inchmouth Decor Plate Imperial Decor Plate
Imperial Egg
Perth Fish Statuette Inchmouth Hound Statuette Imperial Whale Statuette
Perth Jewel Box Inchmouth Jewel Box Imperial Jewel Box
Perth Pocket Watch Inchmouth Pocket Watch Imperial Pocket Watch
Perth Sextant Inchmouth Sextant Imperial Sextant
Perth Urn Inchmouth Urn Imperial Urn
Perth War Medal Inchmouth War Medal Imperial Medal

Heirlooms in The Knife of Dunwall

Tier 1 (50 coin) Tier 2 (100 coin) Tier 3 (150 coin)
Timsh Cameo Brigmore Urn
Timsh Cigarette Case Brigmore Whale Statuette
Timsh Hound Statuette
Timsh Jewel Box
Timsh Urn
Timsh War Medal

Heirlooms in The Brigmore Witches

Tier 1 (50 coin) Tier 2 (100 coin) Tier 3 (150 coin)
Archer Cameo Brigmore Cigarette Case
Archer Cigarette Case Brigmore Jewel Box
Archer Decor Plate Brigmore Pocket Watch
Archer Jewel Box Brigmore Sextant
Archer Pocket Watch Brigmore Urn
Archer Urn Brigmore War Medal
Archer War Medal Brigmore Whale Statuette
Archer Whale Statuette

Rare Maps
Each rare map is worth 75 coin.

Rare Map Location Mission

Cape of Teeth

Samuel's shelter High Overseer Campbell
Star Chart: Southern Skies Piero's Workshop
Canker Mouth Gulf Offices of Dr. Galvani
Geological Survey West Pandyssian Continent Basin The room above where Griff was trapped
Old Coast Archives of the Office of the High Overseer / Sokolov's House High Overseer Campbell / The Royal Physician
Western Ocean Refinery control booth The Flooded District
Whaling Territories Oil building office
Slave Routes Rail Station foreman's room
Continent: Pandyssia Survivor camp

Dishonored 2[]


  • Coin (silver or iron, value of 1)
  • Coin of 2 (copper)
  • Coin of 5 (gold)


  • Angelfish Scales - 10
  • Bathing Salts - 15
  • Blood Amber - 25
  • Copper Wire - 10
  • Dried Bloodfly Husk - 5
  • Lucky Spharelite - 15
  • Pied Avocet Feathers - 5
  • Processed Whale Oil - 10
  • Silver Dust - 20
  • Tyvian Ore - 20
  • Withered Rhyegrass - 20


  • Light Pouch - 10
  • Pouch - 20
  • Heavy Pouch - 30

Precious Items:

  • Blueprints - 200 (if already collected in New Game +)
  • Ivory Scrimshaw - 30
  • Pearl Fan - 40
  • Gold Ingot - 150
  • Rune - 200 (only in no-power mode)
  • Silver Ingot - 75
  • Collectible Paintings - 200

Precious Collectibles in Dishonored 2

Umberwood (50 coin) Blood Amber (100 coin) Silver (150 coin)
Fish Statue Bloodfly Statue Hound Statue
Hound Statue Cigar Box Medal
Whale Statue Fish Statue Sextant
Cigar Box Redshark Statue Deck Prism
Bloodfly Statue Deck Prism Pocket Watch
Cigarette Case Cameo
Redshark Statue
Deck Prism

Precious Collectibles in Death of the Outsider

Umberwood (50 coin) Blood Amber (100 coin) Silver (150 coin)
Cigarette Case Snuff Box Cameo
Snuff Box War Medal
Desk Prism

Rare Maps in Dishonored 2
Each rare map is worth 50 coin.

Rare Map Location Mission
Northern Star Chart Last floor of the Dunwall Courier, Tower District A Long Day in Dunwall
Southern Star Chart Boyle warehouse under the pub, Tower District
Whaling Territories On a barge by the docks Edge of the World
Baleton Expedition An office on the second floor of Addermire Station
Red Shoulder Route In a half-submerged barge by the rail bridge The Good Doctor
Archipelago In the abandoned east wing, first floor of Addermire Institute
Bango Coastline Correy Brockburn's apartment near Aventa Station, Lower Aventa The Clockwork Mansion
Old Lamprow Roadway Third floor of the Grand Guard outpost, Upper Aventa
Daiger-Dial Lake Camp Jindosh's shifting apartment rooms, Clockwork Mansion
Daiger-Dial East Leg Upper floor of the infested building facing the Royal Conservatory The Royal Conservatory
Magoli Forest Plateau One of the rooms on the third floor of the Consevatory, near an infestation of bloodflies
Shirra Pirate Caves On the third floor of the Conservatory's exhibitions, map section
Pindo's Passage On the third floor of the Conservatory's exhibitions near the map section
Shindaerey East Face Under the wooden barricade of Vaila Street, neutral territory Dust District
Kivo Narrows In a room on the third floor of the Crone's Hand
Tides of Cullero Gap In a safe of the exhibition room, manor's second floor, past A Crack in the Slab
Konos Star Table In the locked safe next to the incinerator, first floor of Stilton Manor, past
Rocklines Apartment near musicians / Howler ambush The Grand Palace
Serkonos Canal In the smuggler's barge in Callas Cove, moved to the guard outpost near a wall of light
Cape of Seggunto In the First Captain's suite, second floor of the Grand Palace
Bastillian Coast The Duke's hidden chamber near the vault, Grand Palace
Pandyssian Crater Bay In the Royal Protector's chamber, third floor of Dunwall Tower Death to the Empress
Pandyssian Crosswinds Jessamine's hidden chamber, third floor of Dunwall Tower

Rare Maps in Death of the Outsider
Each rare map is worth 50 coin.

Rare Map Location Mission
Konos Star Tables Bottom of the stairs leading to the arena, Albarca Baths One Last Fight
Rocklines Behind a sliding panel on the top floor of the building next to the Red Camellia, Upper Cyria District Follow the Ink
Pandyssian Crosswinds A chest behind a large door at the bottom of the canal, Upper Cyria District
Pandyssian Crater Bay Apartment overlooking Ferella Way, Upper Cyria District
Serkonos Canal In the delivery boat in the canal, Upper Cyria District The Bank Job
Daiger-Dial East Leg Counter 4 in the mortgage and loan offices, Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank
Pindo's Passage Crates at the bottom of the stairs leading to the Royal Conservatory, Cyria Gardens The Stolen Archive
Bastillian Coast A desk outside the Curator's office, Royal Conservatory


  • Similarly to the game series Thief, each mission in the Dishonored franchise has a set amount of coins and valuables, and so a specific total of coin value available, which is displayed in the stats once the mission is done. Unlike the Thief series however, collecting coins is never a requirement to complete a mission.
  • In Dishonored, Corvo gives the items he collects to Piero Joplin to resell on the black market. It is not revealed exactly how Daud sells the items he procures. In Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider, Corvo, Emily and Billie sell their items to the black market shops themselves.
  • The Perth, Inchmouth, Carmine and Archer families are only heard about through their heirlooms. No members of the Brigmore family are met, and members of the other families can be encountered during the game.
  • The Brigmore Urn and Brigmore Whale Statuette are the only heirlooms that can be collected twice.
  • Despite allegedly being of different areas or locations, all maps appear exactly the same in-game.
    • In Dishonored and its DLC, they are world maps, representing both the Empire and the Pandyssian continent.
    • In Dishonored 2, they have the texture of the Empire's new map.
  • A Butcher's buzz-saw is worth 20 coin. As varying numbers of Butchers spawn, the buzz-saws do not count towards the level's coin total.
  • In Dishonored and its DLC, the only currency to be found are coins minted with the Lord Regent's portrait and the motto "Regent Watch Us".
  • In Dishonored 2, three additional currencies can be found:
    • Two using the same designs as the previous one with the portrait of either Empresses Jessamine and Emily Kaldwin and the motto "Empress Protect Us".
    • One with the portrait and name of Duke Luca Abele and the motto "Serkonos For Him".
    • Coins found in the abandoned apartment in A Long Day in Dunwall are minted with the Lord Regent's portrait and are visually the same as the coins found in Dishonored, as the apartment had not been opened up since 1837.
  • In the Dishonored Roleplaying Game, iron coins have the lowest value, copper coins are worth 2, silver coins are worth 5 and gold coins are worth 10.
  • In Dishonored, pocket watches have the Illuminati symbol on them, as seen in this image. In Dishonored 2, the same type of watch doesn't have this symbol.



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