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A coach parked in front of Dunwall Tower.

Coaches are a type of vehicle used around the Empire of the Isles, including in Dunwall and Karnaca. Like rail cars, they are a form of ground transportation, but they do not use rails, making them ideal for traveling through older parts of the city. They travel on four wheels; the back pair are significantly larger than the front.

Coaches commonly feature one door on each side and three narrow vented windows. A box seat is attached externally to the front of the vehicle, which is used by the coachman, while a footboard can be spotted at the back.

While coaches feature electric lights, no power source can be located on the coach. While no moving coaches can be found in the game, concept art depicts the coach being driven by two horses, making it very similar to real world horse-drawn coaches and carriages.

Very few coaches are seen in Dunwall, but one can be spotted at Dunwall Tower by the main entrance.


  • Melissa, a maid at the Timsh Estate, mentions that she uses a coach to travel to and from work to her home in an older part of the city.
  • The son of the Duke of Serkonos used a coach with wooden gazelles on its roof to get around Dunwall.[1]
  • There is a painting of a coach drawn by horses that wear heavy steel barding, but these vehicles are never encountered in person.
  • Electric road coaches appeared in Dishonored: The Return of Daud, though it is not clear whether they are the same type of vehicle as the one seen in Dunwall. Daud commented that he had heard of such vehicles but never seen one. They are described as austere, angular, and a cross between a horse-drawn coach and a rail car. They have large, wide wheels and high suspension in order to compensate for rough terrain.[2]