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Clockwork soldier

A Clockwork Sentinel.

Clockwork Sentinels Owner's Manual is a book found in Death of the Outsider.


[Excerpt from Clockwork Sentinels Owner's Manual]

Your Clockwork Sentinels are marvels of Kirin Jindosh's ingenuity, but malfunctions occur. Please read the information below carefully to avoid potential fatalities.

*Clockwork Sentinels are protected by armored ceramic plates. If an attacker destroys these, then nothing protects the vulnerable mechanisms underneath from damage.

*If something knocks off a Sentinel's head, run away immediately! The Sentinel will attack anyone it can, ally or not. It will spare no one–not even you.

*Sentinels have a small panel that allow them to be rewired. Rewiring inverts each Sentinel's perception of danger, turning friends into foes and enemies into allies. You are in extreme danger should this occur.

Please keep these instructions in mind when confronted by malfunctioning Sentinels. They could save your life. Remember: your best option when attacked is always to flee and summon trained Grand Guards to handle this situation.


This article can be found in multiple locations during the mission The Bank Job: