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Dunwall Clock Tower

The Clocktower in Dunwall.

The Clocktower is the tallest structure in Dunwall save for Dunwall Tower itself,[1] and a recognizable landmark in the city. It is the setting of the end of the first issue of Dishonored: The Peeress and the Price.


The Clocktower is situated on the northern edge of the Estate District,[2] and stands out significantly among the estates of the city's nobility. The tower itself consists of a carved stone base upon which is mounted a large metal lattice-style of architecture holding the clock's mechanisms. The clock itself has four faces facing each directions and chimes every hour.[1] It can be seen from almost anywhere in Dunwall due to its elevated position.

In 1852, the Clocktower was blown up in a terrorist attack by the Rat Gang, using explosives and Bonecharms in an attempt to take out the Lord Protector and the Empress.[3]


  • The Clocktower is as iconic to Dunwall the Elizabeth Tower, often referred to as Big Ben is to London.
  • Despite its iconic appearance, the Clocktower is never directly visited in any game, though it was originally intended to be part of a mission at the Gristol Parliament cut from Dishonored.[4]
  • During Corvo Attano's time in the Estate District, the clocktower rings four times at regular intervals.
  • The Clocktower's bell sound is a stock sound. It can be heard in the gameTeam Fortress 2 for Halloween maps.
  • The Clocktower can be fully seen in the Void during the introduction of The Knife of Dunwall, None Like Her.
  • On the 8th Day, Month of Darkness, 1851, roughly after the second hour in the morning,[1] Empress Emily Kaldwin climbed the Clocktower for the view it gave her of the surrounding city.[2]
  • A Clocktower miniature can be found in the silvergraph studio inside Stilton Manor.
  • The tower was initially part of a mission to eliminate Arnold Timsh in The Knife of Dunwall but later cut from the DLC. One of the three main ways to remove the target was to go to the tower, where Daud has a secret outpost, and snipe him from above. The other two were bombing Timsh's railcar which was also cut, and planting fake evidence to frame him which became part of the final version of the DLC.[5] In addition, according to this chart, Daud could also use a rail line switch to force Timsh's railcar to go through a wall of light, which can be rewired to fry him inside.
  • The Clocktower's appearance was slightly changed for Dishonored 2, with the Roman numerals on the clock face reoriented to face upwards.
  • An engraving of the Clocktower appears on the Heritage Gun pistol in Arkane Studios's 2021 game Deathloop. The pistol is mentioned to have been manufactured by the Imperial Arsenal.