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Benton reads01

Ms. Benton reading the note.

Cleaning Instruction is a written note found in Dishonored.


Dear Ms. Benton,

When cleaning my study, I ask that you constrain your efforts strictly to the floors. Please, at all costs refrain from attempting to clean or arrange my bookshelf. In fact, it would be best to keep away from it altogether. Otherwise, I'll have to reconsider the terms of your employment.

Dr. Galvani

P.S. Since I'll be out of the city for a few days, I've left next week's pay as well. The bank was closed, so I'm afraid it's short by half. You can count on me for the remainder next week of course.


It can be found attached next to the glass doors of Galvani's laboratory at his residence during the mission High Overseer Campbell.


  • Originally, the note ended after Dr. Galvani's signature, but an extra part was added on sometime later.