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Citizens Report Troubling Events is a newspaper article found in Dishonored 2.


Troubling signs of mischief have been reported recently in all corners of Dunwall! What was thought to be a series of pranks has proven much more widespread and unsettling. Despite the enlightened age in which we live, superstitious folk have begun to rumormonger of witchcraft!

There are reports of dogs shaved to the skin; small owls pinned to doors; lines of salt ominously left below windows; dried rats hung from archways; cats walking backwards who fail to mew; and pots of strange smelling ointments left underneath beds and writing desks!

That all these things might be occurring here in the capital, all at once, boggles this journalist's mind. What desperate times! If half of these are true, each odd occurrence seems a bad omen, a warning for terrible things to come!

And if as some say these antics are the work of Empress Delilah's devout followers, then what hope is there?


The note can be found on a table out the back of the black market shop during the mission Death to the Empress.