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Tyvia on D2 map

A map of Tyvia showing Dabokva to the south.

The Citadel of Dabokva is a domed building located in the Tyvian capital, Dabokva, and houses the the People's Chamber, the Isle's seat. The Citadel appears for the first time in the novel Dishonored: The Corroded Man.


The Citadel serves as the center of political power on the Isle of Tyvia, with the Presidium meeting within the vast hall of the People's Chamber. The hall was designed in such a way as to reflect the history and wealth of the nation-state of Tyvia.

The People's Chamber is dominated by dark, gray granite walls, flecked with gold, which shine from the light of globes held at the end of the sculptures of gargantuan bronze arms. At the center of the Chamber is a large, circular table which occupies most of the room, directly located below the circle of the Citadel's dome, standing at almost two hundred feet. Beyond the table on the far wall of the chamber lies a giant panel bordered on each side by columns of bright red stone, all veined with sparkling threads of gold and silver. In between these two columns is a mosaic of the upper torso of Karol Topek, the first Hero of the State of Tyvia, posed as if he were pledging allegiance to his beloved state.[1]

The Presidium meeting at the center table is a sixteen-member council, composed of eleven men and five women. They are democratically elected by the citizens of the nation-state as "Secretary of the People of Tyvia". In reality, all members of this council belongs to one political party, with the real power being vested in the three High Judges of the Presidium. Secretary Cushing, the oldest of the three, barely speaks, which makes predicting his decisions unknowable. Secretary Taren, the only female High Judge, claims direct lineage from Karol Topek. Finally, the unassuming, yet most powerful member of the High Judges is Secretary Kalin, whose power is indicated by the fact that his seat is located directly below the hand of the mosaic of Karol Topek.[2]

Dishonored: The Corroded Man[]

In 1837, Zhukov was summoned by the High Judges in order to receive the "bad news" of the death of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin at the hands of assassins. Citing the autonomy of Tyvia from Gristol, Secretary Kalin revealed to Zhukov that spies of the state had long known of his work as double agent for the former Empress of the Isles in an effort to remove their authority on Tyvia and increase Gristolian control. Zhukov was subsequently placed into the custody of Tyvian Operators, the masked secret police of the High Judges, and sentenced for life in the desolate labor camp of Utyrka.[3]