Assassins in Daud's office.

Choosing Your Mark is the prologue of The Brigmore Witches DLC.


Troubled Sleep

You've been ill at ease ever since you assassinated Empress Jessamine Kaldwin and aided in the abduction of her Daughter Emily.

Mission Details


Corvo attacks Daud in his dream.

Daud awakens from a dream in which he fights Corvo Attano, either killing him or being killed. Several assassins occupy his office, waiting in various places, and many books and notes are placed around the room. If Daud chose to spare Billie Lurk in The Knife of Dunwall, a note from her can be found in the chest at the foot of his bed.

Two assassins talk about Daud.

Upon walking downstairs, Daud can speak to an assassin, Thomas, at the desk who tells him that he will speak with him when he is ready. If Daud leaves his office, he will find various assassins speaking with each other. In low chaos, they will discuss how they are starting to doubt Daud's ability to lead them and worry that he has gone soft. Daud can walk in on one of these conversations and assure them that he is still dangerous.

Daud is restricted to the library and his office, as the windows leading to other parts of the building are blocked off. When Daud speaks to Thomas, it is revealed that Daud sent him to locate Lizzy Stride, leader of the Dead Eels, in order to request transportation to Brigmore Manor on her ship, The Undine. Thomas informs Daud that Lizzy was betrayed and is now in Coldridge Prison, her second-in-command taking her place as leader.

Once Daud is ready to go find Lizzy at Coldridge, he can inform Thomas.

Special Actions

  • Defeated Corvo in a dream
  • Visited Billie Lurk's Shrine


  • Lizzy wanted01b
    The wanted poster of Lizzy Stride for the murder of Captain Rutherford is a reference to Boatchecks on the Wrenhaven from The Knife of Dunwall, in which the Captain's sister expresses her worry about her brother patrolling the Wrenhaven River with the possibility of being attacked by the Dead Eels.
  • It is actually very difficult to defeat Corvo in high chaos. If Corvo is not defeated, the objective is shown as failed. In Low chaos is it much easier to defeat Corvo and gain the special action.
  • Although the assassins in Daud's Hideout have been seen before in the main game and in The Knife of Dunwall, this marks the first time that assassins wearing gray and purple are shown.
  • If they were spared, Overseers can be spotted through the windows waiting one at a time to be escorted to an unknown place.
  • If Daud chose to execute the remaining Overseers at the end of The Knife of Dunwall, the assassins can be seen outside burning Overseer corpses, although the pile of corpses is composed of City Watch guards and officers. Moreover, there will be blood splatters all over the place.
  • If Daud chose to kill Billie Lurk, there will be a shrine dedicated to her in the hallway outside the office with her blade, cloak, wristbow, gas mask and a corrupted charm. Blowing the candles will grant a special action, with Daud commenting: "I owe you that one, Delilah."
  • There are a few objects left behind in the office by the Overseers, such as masks, music boxes and Abbey curtains. Also if Daud chose to execute the Overseers, he will ask an assassin to burn the curtains along with their corpses.



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