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Bone charm

Charm Carver's Diary is a book found in Death of the Outsider.


8th of Songs

A charm carver will never starve, my mother used to say. Always coin to be made by selling wishes and wants to folks who don't come by much of either in their day-to-day. Well, I'm hungry, and this piece of rotted bone hasn't helped me get out of the way of the Overseers. Don't know who I pissed off, but someone must've slipped them my name. If those witch-hunters catch me with my mother's carved bit of whalebone, it'll be a slow death. Outsider's arse, I'm in it now.

12th of Songs

Managed to palm off two useless bit of bone to a sailor stinking like whiskey. Couldn't tell his right from his left, or a real charm from a fake one. Coin could get me through the week at least. Overseers still two steps behind me. Going mad looking over my shoulder all the time.

22nd of Songs

Finally found a safe spot. Full belly, too. Now I got a different hunger. My sweet-singing bonecharm round my neck again, wet whalebone in my hands. This one'll carve up nice. Not as strong as some, but still good. Went too long without. Want it just as much as the bones, now


This book can be found in the Albarca Baths by a bone charm in a secluded room above the locker room, during the mission One Last Fight.