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Captain Windlebonne.

Captain Windlebonne is a minor character and Elite Guard serving in the Grand Serkonan Guard during Dishonored 2. In 1849, she is stationed at Stilton Manor on the night that Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin visits it during the mission A Crack in the Slab.

Dishonored 2[]

When the protagonist first uses the Timepiece to escape the music room in Aramis Stilton's manor, she is outside the room calling to Stilton, whom she believes to be in there. A nearby corporal points out a note on the door that tells her that Stilton is outside. The corporal informs her that only Stilton has the combination that she needs. Windlebonne thanks him for the information, then tells him that she does not like any of Stilton's guests and claims that Breanna Ashworth was very rude to her.

After this conversation, Windlebonne walks up the main staircase in the manor and patrols the landing for the rest of the time. The exact time and means of her death are unknown, but she is dead by 1852.[1]


  • Listening in on Windlebonne's conversation with the corporal will give the protagonist three mission clues – one about the location of the Duke's inner circle, one about Stilton's location and one about the location of Stilton's notebook.
  • Windlebonne has a slight stutter, but it is not transcribed in the subtitles.