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Captain Laurence
"Forgive me for speaking out of turn, Empress, but his death isn't on you. It's on the person who did this. And whoever it is, we will find them."
—Captain Laurence

Captain Laurence is a City Watch Officer introduced in Dishonored: The Peeress and the Price. She serves as City Watch liaison with Empress Kaldwin during the Rat Gang's attacks on Dunwall's reconstruction project.

As an officer of the Watch, she remains professional even when facing the results of a brutal slaughter. She is prone to speak her mind but will correct herself when addressing to the Empress. She also shares the same views on justice as the Royal Protector, Corvo Attano, when it comes to protecting the Empire of the Isles and its people.

The Peeress and the Price[]

Issue 1[]

Laurence first appears to inform the Emily and Corvo of a third attack on one of the city's reconstruction sites. She introduces them to the lone survivor of the attack, a worker named Charles. As the City Watch couldn't make the man in shock tell them anything on the attackers, Laurence leaves his interrogation to the Empress.

Issue 2[]

Captain Laurence reappears the next day to inform the Empress of the riot seemingly led by Archibald Wainwright at Dunwall Tower and a new attack on the Shelter. She tries to reassure Emily that none of these terrible events are the result of her new rule after Delilah's Coup. After an unarmed explosive is found in the wreckage of the Shelter, Laurence identifies the craft as the work of the Roaring Boys Gang, setting a new trail for Emily's investigation.

After Luella Price is arrested, Laurence is surprised by the Empress's decision to leave the criminal's fate in the hands of a public tribunal rather than executing her.


  • In the end of the second issue, Emily addresses Laurence as commander rather than captain.