Captain Galloway is an unseen character and Officer in the City Watch during the events of Dishonored and The Knife of Dunwall.

The Knife of Dunwall

Shortly before the mission A Captain of Industry, the rat infestation in the sewers below the Rothwild Slaughterhouse becomes an issue that requires immediate attention. Galloway orders that a crate of potted whale meat is set aside and laced with rat poison. Afterwards, it is to be taken to the sewers to kill the rats. When Daud visits the slaughterhouse, these orders have yet to be completed.[1]


If Corvo Attano chose to send Lady Boyle to live with Timothy Brisby during the mission Lady Boyle's Last Party, Galloway is placed in charge of the search for her. The captain informs Lord Regent Hiram Burrows that there was a rumor that Boyle left the party by a boat, but that the rumor cannot be confirmed and they know nothing more.[2]

If Corvo signed the guest ledger, regardless of whether he killed Boyle or not, Galloway tells Burrows that an entry in the ledger reads "Corvo Attano". The captain indicates that he is of the belief that the signature is naught but a "perverse joke", and he only mentioned this to Burrows because he was under orders to inform the Lord Regent of any mention of Corvo.[3]


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