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The Outsider is watching.

Can The Outsider Speak? An analysis of his visitations [4] is a book found in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


[Excerpt from a monograph on encounters with the Outsider]

We must consider, then, the possibility of the Outsider’s own agency in these encounters. Does the Void itself direct his attentions, or does the boy the Envisioned submerged into the ether of that place so long ago still retain a portion of his memory, his conscience, and indeed his desires? If we must entertain this thought, then we must also radically restructure our approach to the Void and its lonely denizen.

For surely it is alarming to consider. If the Outsider speaks, why does he not speak to us? He has never conversed with a member of our society, let alone bestowed any favor. Yet we in all the Isles know the truth of his creation, and are his wardens in the Void. So why, then, does he so often appear to the ignorant and miserable, the wronged and the hurt?

What knowledge does he seek? What does he hope to gain by traversing the dreams of these people, or by granting them such abilities as to allow them to change the circumstances of their lives?

I am afraid, as always, that my research has left us with more questions than answers.


This book can be found at the bottom the library on a shelf in an alley during the mission A Hole in the World.