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The Outsider is watching.

Can The Outsider Speak? An analysis of his visitations [1] is a book found in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


[Excerpt from a monograph on encounters with the Outsider]

It is a rare enough tale, but one which varies only in the tone and enthusiasm of its narrators. Select few are, through dreams or contact with shrines, transported to the Void and converse with the Outsider himself. Some, it is said, walk away from these encounters with his favor.

Naturally, it is difficult to untangle reliable accounts from the ramblings of desperate seekers of the Outsider's attention. Nevertheless, an analysis of these events is warranted.

The Abbey of the Everyman warns that the Outsider walks among them, but to them he is merely the stranger who tempts you to infidelity or the pickpocket who robs you of trinkets. Only the barest understanding of the truth exists in their foolish Litany. We of the Eye know where the Outsider truly lies.

However, if these stories are to be believed, then we must question the extent of his power in the Void. Does he choose these dialogues consciously? What is the nature of these conversations, if indeed they are intelligible? What is his physical nature in these moments?

These are the questions I attempt to answer in the chapters that follow.


This book can be found in the library near the cultists discussing theories during the mission A Hole in the World.