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"We are the last of our family, Uncle Curnow. We just have to go on living. If we can. May we see each other soon. Your niece, Callista."
—Callista Curnow [2]

Callista Curnow is a character in Dishonored, a Loyalist and caretaker to the heiress to the throne, Emily Kaldwin. Her uncle is Geoff Curnow, a Captain of the City Watch.


Callista is a serious young woman who, after fleeing her home for unknown reasons, takes up employment with Farley Havelock and the Loyalists in exchange for food and shelter.[2] Callista is often quiet and reserved, but reacts harshly when offended, scolding Piero Joplin (and, in an optional instance, Corvo Attano) for untoward behavior. She is also a fairly solitary person, only interacting with Piero, Corvo, Martin, Havelock, and Emily throughout the entirety of Dishonored.

Despite her age, Callista is a strong and competent individual; The Heart remarks on her capable disposition, saying, "She has learned to defend herself in this treacherous city".[3] Geoff Curnow expresses similar sentiments in conversation with Thaddeus Campbell, noting that while his men have not been able to uncover her whereabouts, she is resourceful enough that he believes her to be alive and well.

One of the only two remaining members of the Curnow family,[4] Callista has great affection and admiration for her uncle, her only living relative. In her first meeting with Corvo, she claims that Campbell wishes to eliminate him because he is a good man who will not be corrupted. She also records several audiographs for her uncle, wherein she expresses a desire to reunite with him, though she is not sure that it will ever be possible.

Callista's serious demeanor occasionally puts her at odds with Emily Kaldwin, whose childish antics often irritate and confound her. She does, however, develop a fondness for the girl over time.


Callista is first seen at the Hound Pits Pub, where she resides after aligning herself with the Loyalists. Before the High Overseer Campbell mission, she beseeches Corvo to protect her uncle from a murder plot devised by Campbell. If Corvo complies, she reacts with joy upon his return, and rewards him with an heirloom from one of her aunts.


Callista and Emily during lessons.

After the House of Pleasure mission (in which Corvo rescues Emily), Callista becomes Emily's caretaker, schooling her and ensuring she uses proper etiquette. She resides with Emily in the tower at the Hound Pits, where Corvo can uncover audiographs she has recorded about her family, teaching Emily, and the troubled times in which she lives. She will occasionally comment on Emily's status to Corvo; if Corvo's chaos is high, she will note Emily's more aggressive behavior.

Her status during The Loyalists mission is similarly determined by chaos rating. In high chaos, she will be killed along with Wallace Higgins and Lydia Brooklaine, and the key to Emily's room must be recovered from her body. In low chaos, she is spared by Havelock and will open the door for Corvo, having locked herself inside the tower. According to her, she is left alive because Havelock "owed [her] uncle something".

Provided they both survive, Geoff and Callista make an appearance in the low chaos ending together, reuniting for the first time since their separation prior to the events of the game. Callista went on to officially become Emily's tutor. At some time between 1837 and 1852, when fulfilling her lifelong desire to journey by sea, the ship she was on was lost, thus leaving her fate unknown.[5]


  • Callista is voiced by Lena Headey.[6]
  • When the Heart is used on her, it reveals that Callista wishes to be a whaler, but cannot because she is a woman.[7]
  • Callista is a nanny by profession and has worked in "fine houses across Dunwall".[8]
  • Piero Joplin often spies on Callista in the bath, and can be confronted about this after Anton Sokolov's kidnapping.
    • If Corvo enters the bathroom after catching Piero peeking, a conversation with Callista will commence where he can either offer an apology for his "accidental" entry, or make a sexual advance. If Corvo does make an advance, Callista will reject him. If Corvo jumps in the bath anyway, the game over screen with show "Loyalist Conspiracy disbanded", citing "irreconcilable hostilities".
      • The game doesn't use a nude model for Callista when she is bathing. Instead, it uses an "underwear" model where she is wearing a corset - an outfit matching the female workers of the The Golden Cat. The outlines of her corset can be seen by using Dark Vision, and the whole model can be seen by using Possession on her and then exiting. This method will eventually cause the game to end for the reasons above.
  • Before the House of Pleasure mission, Piero can be found telling Callista about "specialized devices" he has designed for The Golden Cat, and notes that he still has the blueprints "if anyone is curious". Callista responds with disgust and rejects his advances.
    • After the incident, Callista says that Piero will make "some other lady" a fine husband someday, and notes that while he is a genius with machines, he fails to recognize that she is "not one of them".
  • If Callista is killed during a low chaos playthrough, the ending will show a street alley being overrun by rats instead of her being reunited with Captain Curnow.
  • If Callista is not killed during The Loyalists, but high or "medium" chaos is achieved afterward, the ending will show Callista in the street alley being terrorized by rats.
  • If Captain Curnow is not saved during High Overseer Campbell the low chaos ending will show Callista with Cecelia instead.
  • In Dishonored 2, Emily believes that Callista would, in reaction to the Coup, tell Emily to sit up straight and marry Wyman, as well as asking her when the War of the Four Crowns ended.