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Call to the Spheres, Vol 3 is a book found in Dishonored and Dishonored: The Corroded Man


[Excerpt from a work of fiction, final chapters]

I do not fear the Void, nor am I concerned with the spiritual sanctity of the weak. For I am now His herald, His chosen, having seen His sublime vault, where eternally He feeds upon the substance of the Void.

Alone in Orchado's ship, the floor painted red with life, I draw designs with my fingers and gaze through the portals at the land rising below. There I will build the first monument to His glory, a rotting wound in the flesh of nature.

Patiently, I'll build, awaiting Your arrival, oh great scion of the Void!


  • In Dishonored, this book can be found alongside volumes one and two in the abandoned factory at the north end of the Midrow Substation on Kaldwin's Bridge during the mission The Royal Physician.
  • In The Corroded Man, the first paragraph is quoted at the beginning of the first interlude.