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"Please. Do you mind not interrupting us?"
—Byron to Corvo

Byron Alderdice.

Mr. Byron Alderdice is a guest at the Boyle Mansion during Lady Boyle's Last Party.

He can be found in the smoking room speaking to another aristocrat in black about his business, which has been overrun by rats and weepers. The man in black first tells him that, as his family built their fortune in crisis, there is nothing to stop him doing so again. He later tells him sarcastically to give up and to let his family starve, and to sell his wife into prostitution ("I'm sure I can get you a good price"), which infuriates Byron, making him change his mind about giving up.

Eventually, Byron says too much, telling the man in black that Dunwall needs a war so that they can be conquered and the economy reset. The man in black replies that he will be telling the Lord Regent about Byron's plans in the morning and that he will most likely be sent to Coldridge Prison. Byron tries to recant his statement, but the man in black leaves.

Byron stays by himself, smoking cigarettes for the rest of the night.


  • Byron wears the same mask as Wiles Roland in Eminent Domain.
  • There are two other guests at the party with the same mask and outfit as Byron. One can usually be found in the foyer, and another one wanders through the manor, one of his stops being the front of the smoking room.
    • Byron can always be found in the middle to back of the smoking room, only going as far as the fireplace.
  • His surname can be found in the Boyle Party Guest Ledger.