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Brozenar behind the counter of her shop.

"This is sick. What is that woman doing?"
—Billie upon discovering Brozenar's secret

Brozenar is a taxidermist and owner of Brozenar Taxidermy in the Upper Cyria District. She is a skilled taxidermist, but supplements her income by abducting people to harvest blood amber to sell.


Located between Duchess Lisandra Avenue and Raqueza Avenue, Brozenar Taxidermy appears to be successful. However, Brozenar decided to begin abducting people and trapping them in her basement, killing them with bloodflies so she can harvest blood amber for coin. The exact amount of people she has killed this way is unknown, but the evidence suggests she has killed at least eight people.

Death of the Outsider[]

When Billie Lurk arrives at Upper Cyria, Brozenar is tending her shop, going over records and cleaning. Shortly beforehand, she had moved another victim from the cell into the harvesting room, but has yet to release the bloodflies. This gives Billie time to free him.

Upon realizing she has been found out, Brozenar will try and hide in a corner of her shop, claiming that it is not what it looks like. She begs Billie to say nothing and preserve her reputation, offering to let her take anything she wants from the shop, and saying she will stuff any creature for free.