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Bringing Back Delilah is an audiograph found in Dishonored 2, recorded by Breanna Ashworth.


After Delilah fell to the assassin Daud, her magic was lost and the Coven scattered.

I made a new life in Karnaca. Then I heard her whispering from the Void, leading me to the Duke, who heard those same whispers.

Together we worked to bring Delilah back into the world, changing the Empire from the home of Aramis Stilton, three years ago.

Across the Isles, all of us who'd been with her at Brigmore and before, we felt the magic return. Others joined; new faces, new blood.

Now Delilah is immortal, forever. She holds Dunwall, and we've turned to corrupting to Oracular Order. The Overseers take guidance from their prophetic sisters, and soon we'll influence their dreams and visions.


The audiograph can be found in the Archive of the Royal Conservatory, during the mission The Royal Conservatory.