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Brigmore Manor in 1837.

Brigmore Surveillance Report is an audiograph revealed in Dishonored: The Corroded Man, recorded by Jameson Curnow.


Jameson Curnow reporting on the situation at Brigmore Manor. It's as we thought—there's word going around that something big is going down at the house in just a couple of nights. We've got men out in the key taverns—the Randy Whaler, the Seven of Bells, even the ruins of the old Hound Pits Pub. Also at the Golden Cat. Plenty of chatter there—seems there's a new group looking for more members—they're offering good money, perhaps trying to attract those who were in the old street gangs, pull them out of the woodwork.

We don't have any names yet, and we don't know what they plan to do, but talk is this gang had hit a graveyard, so we're fairly sure it's the same lot. The Wrenhaven River Patrol have done a good job—some suspicious activity has been seen at one of the old, abandoned whale processing plants on Slaughterhouse Row—the Greaves Auxiliary Slaughterhouse Five, to be precise. We have surveillance planned, but I advised caution—we don't want them knowing we're onto them. As you've suggested, let's watch them and see what they're up to. There's got to be more to it than just robbing graves. If we catch them in the act, maybe we can learn what their real plans are.

I'll file another report after I meet with Commander Kittredge again. They're doing their best, but they're not spies, that's for sure. They get any closer they may as well just walk up to the slaughterhouse door and ask if anyone's at home.

I remain your loyal servant, Jameson Curnow.


This audiograph is revealed on pages 135 and 136 of The Corroded Man. Emily Kaldwin finds it pinned to a board in Corvo Attano's room in Dunwall Tower.


  • According to the note pinned to the board with the audiograph, this audiograph was recorded on the 10th Day, Month of Darkness, 1851.
    • The note is written in a different font to the rest of the novel, one intended to emulate Jameson's handwriting.
  • At 268 words, this is the longest audiograph in the Dishonored franchise. It is also only audiograph found in The Corroded Man.