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"He was polite enough, but cold and distant, not showing a flicker of interest, even as he subjected Billie to his tableside interrogation."
—King Briam during Billie's first meal with him

King Briam, also known as His Majesty King Briam of the Four Chairs, is a noble and one of the co-rulers of Morley during the events of Dishonored 2, The Return of Daud, and Dishonored: The Veiled Terror. He is married to Queen Eithne and like her is first introduced in The Veiled Terror, though events he is involved in are mentioned as early as Dishonored 2.


King Briam is described as roughly middle-aged with jet-black hair usually swept back under a somewhat modest diadem. He has blue eyes and a sharply cut goatee, stubble on his cheeks cut into swirling patterns and a pallid complexion.[1]

He often appears distant and aloof, giving little of his personality in close conversation.

The Veiled Terror[]

It is revealed that King Briam was involved in a three-day civil war with his wife and co-ruler of Morley, Queen Eithne that brought substantial ruin to the city of Alba in 1852.


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