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"Brutish criminals of Dunwall's seedy underbelly."
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The Bottle Street Gang is a powerful criminal faction in Dunwall. Based on Bottle Street, it recently won a bitter war with the Hatters Gang for control of the Distillery District.[1] The gang is led by Slackjaw, who uses the Dunwall Whiskey Distillery to manufacture bootleg elixir. While its members are normally hostile, the Bottle Street Gang at the distillery will not attack Corvo Attano during House of Pleasure unless he attacks them.


In addition to using their cleavers, Bottle Street Gang members can utilize their bottles to emit a breath of fire, which can seriously damage Corvo. The Bottle Street Gang thugs will throw these bottles at Corvo, attempting to set him ablaze, in the event that he is spotted up high, where they cannot reach.

However, if Corvo can hit the bottles with his crossbow or pistol, they will ignite, burning their bearers alive. Sleep Darts can also cause the bottles to explode, so careful aim is required when dealing with the thugs non-lethally.

Known Members


Important Members

  • Alec - well-respected member of the faction stationed at Kaldwin's Bridge
  • Craxton - often put in charge of the Distillery and the bootleg still
  • Crowley - Slackjaw's 'best hand'



Idle Chat

  • "Hey."
  • "Got anything to smoke or eat?"
  • "Picked up anything good?"
  • "What the fuck are you looking at?"
  • "Little bastard." (when crushing a rat)
  • "Get off me, blowhard." (to Corvo)

Idle Answers

  • "Blow off, choffer."
  • "Hmph."
  • "Shut up."
  • "Pshh!"
  • "Shut the fuck up."

Searching Alone

  • "Someone's about to get shanked."
  • "You asleep? Get up!" (when discovering another Bottle Street Gang member unconscious)
  • "Definitely someone about, watch it."
  • "Someone wants to get hurt."
  • ""I know you're here!"
  • "Who's makin' that noise? Knock it off." (when hearing a suspicious sound)
  • "Let's get on with it, rat face."
  • "Hm, it's just a matter of time, buddy."
  • "Where are you?"
  • "Oh, I'll find you!"
  • "Ok, keep banging around!" (when hearing a suspicious sound)
  • "Dammit, you're loud." (when hearing a suspicious sound)
  • "I heard you!" (when hearing a suspicious sound)
  • "Hey, a dead body." (when discovering another Bottle Street Gang member dead)
  • "Hm, I know something's up." (when hearing a suspicious sound)
  • "If someone's messing with me-" (when hearing a suspicious sound)
  • "What's this business then. Is anyone there?" (when hearing a suspicious sound)

Searching in a Group

  • "Hey, we're gonna find your sorry ass."
  • "Come on, spread out."


  • "Come on! Let's get this guy!"
  • "I'll stick you!"
  • "Cut this bastard up for the hagfish!"
  • "Somebody give me a hand!"
  • "Take him down!" (when the enemy is out of reach)
  • "I'm gonna dump you in the river after I cut you open!"
  • "You fight for shit!"
  • "Get around him!"
  • "Let's see what's inside you."
  • "Bleed!"
  • "Die, you crusty bastard!"
  • "Get a shank in his eye!"
  • "This is gonna hurt!"
  • "Get him!"
  • "I'm gonna loot your corpse!"
  • "Gonna feed you to the rats!"
  • "Rough him up!"
  • "Kick in his teeth!"
  • "Knock this guy out!"
  • "Go down, you pig!"
  • "Let get on with it, rat-face!"


  • "Who's there, somebody with coin?"
  • "See something, or are you drunk again?" (when another member is alerted)

Reacting to Supernatural Abilities

  • "Ox blood, here we go!"
  • "He just disappeared!"
  • "Did you see that? He just disappeared!"
  • "He's gone!"
  • "Where'd he go so quick?"
  • Did you see that? He's gone!"

Protagonist's Death

  • "That's the end of you!"
  • "That settles that."
  • "No one kills one of us!" (after a kill)


  • The Bottle Street Thugs bear resemblance to old Victorian London street gangs, which named themselves after their street and wore similar "Fine Work Gear", an image immortalized by films.
  • Graffiti related to the Bottle Street Gang's turf war with the Hatters can be seen plastered throughout Dunwall. One such inscription declares "Hatters fired the first shot, but Bottle Street Gang fired the last".[2]