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Paolo and a captured overseer.

Book of the Fallen is a book found in Dishonored 2.


Inscribed here are the names of the Abbey faithful who have fallen waging war against the heretic Paolo, in the contest for the heart and soul of this district.

Overseer Icharos Humphry
Overseer Terrence Rios
Overseer Tye Abstanso
Overseer William Mudd
Overseer Clauss Brigg
Overseer Hsu Chou
Overseer Esteban Apothos
Overseer Anthony Russell
Overseer Michael Russell
Overseer Benjamin Russell
Overseer Stephen Powers
Overseer Laurent Barbier
Overseer Mickael Rodriguez
Overseer Montgomery Martinez
Overseer John Blaine Marshall
Overseer Manuel Galvan
Overseer Daniel Riggins
Overseer Eugene Portnoy
Overseer Elan Moore
Overseer Thomas Lee Norton
Overseer Yulan Huang
Overseer Mikola Bivos
[Vice Overseer Liam Byrne]


This book can be found in the room of the Overseer outpost where one Overseer kills another out of mercy during the mission Dust District.


  • If Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano killed Byrne, they have the option of using the nearby fountain pen to add his name to the list. Doing this counts as a special action for the mission.
  • Despite being a book, the game considers it as a written note.
  • Excluding the captured Overseer in the saloon's basement, in low chaos there are a total of 22 Overseer corpses and masks in the level, matching the number of names listed in this note. In high chaos, however, there are two additional dead Overseers being hanged by the neck near Modotti Silvergraph studio, though the note is unchanged.