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Boo is a minor character and thug who appears in Dishonored during the mission, High Overseer Campbell.

Boo is a loyal member of the Dunwall criminal faction known as the Bottle Street Gang. Along with other members of the gang, he is tasked with keeping an eye on Bloodox Way and other streets of Dunwall that the gang have marked as their territory. Anyone who uses these byways has to pay some coin, or they will be driven off or killed, including members of the City Watch.

During the course of the mission, he and three other Bottle Street members have ambushed a lone City Watch Guard under John Clavering Boulevard and dragged his body to Gaff Street, where they attempt to divvy up the spoils.

Boo's position in the four-man crew seems to be that of a heavy, using the threat of violence to help his crew. He is usually quiet and stands back letting others do the talking while he waits to lend aid when needed.

Despite being a criminal, Boo is very loyal to his fellow Bottle Street crew and will readily dispatch those who attack or betray them.


  • If Corvo Attano is well hidden and does nothing when encountering Boo and his teammates on Gaff Street, the youngest member of the crew will argue with the crew-leader about his cut of the coin and elixir. This will lead to a fight between the three, with Boo staying loyal and aiding the crew-leader against the rogue thug.