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Bonfires is a mobility challenge in Dunwall City Trials.


"Touch as many beams of red light as you can before the time runs out."


There are seven 'beams of light' in set places around the map. High scores are achieved by negotiating as quick a path as possible from one beam of light to another. 1000 points are awarded for successfully entering a beam of light. Additional speed bonuses are awarded for traveling between beams quickly; a 'fast' time awards 500 points, a 'very fast' time awards 1000 points, respectively.

A further 1000 points can be accrued by successfully completing any of the six 'tricky jumps' located around the level. Therefore, each beam will award between 1000 and 3000 points.

Since the placement of the beams of light is randomized after the first two, there is no easy, definite way to finish this challenge, other than to try enough times so as to get acquainted with the map and determine the quickest way to each point. There is no fall damage and no penalty for falling into the Void, other than lost time.

The challenge begins with a 30 second countdown, once the timer reaches zero the challenge is over. Reaching a beam extends the timer by ten seconds. After approximately 9000 points is achieved, the time bonuses are reduced to five second installments.