Blood thirsty

Blood Thirsty is a passive supernatural ability in Dishonored and its DLCs. It causes Corvo Attano and Daud to build up adrenaline while in combat, which can then be expended to kill enemies in one hit.

Ability tiers

Tier I - (2 runes (Corvo) / 1 rune (Daud))

Blood Thirsty Officer

With Tier I Blood Thirsty, Corvo and Daud can gain adrenaline by engaging in combat. While adrenaline capacity is full, a powerful fatality move can be performed that kills enemies, regardless of health or blocking status. Doing so will fully drain the stored adrenaline.

Tier II - (3 runes)

With Tier II Blood Thirsty, Corvo and Daud build up adrenaline faster, and can perform two fatalities, which can be used against multiple enemies within a nearby range. Additionally, the time-limit before adrenaline drains naturally is lengthened.

Usage tips

  • Adrenaline refills more quickly immediately after it has drained naturally, so go on the offensive to recharge it if it has just emptied itself.
  • The double attack does a fixed amount of damage, and will therefore not insta-kill enemies such as the Royal Executioner, unlike the single attack.
  • Even with Tier II, the single attack can still be used by attacking once instead of twice.
  • Even tallboys and Butchers with buzz-saws are vulnerable to Blood Thirsty, although they must be struck in the body for it to have an effect.


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